The Trident Motorcycle™ is a performance-driven personal roadster, providing the ultimate thrill for the speed enthusiast, including those with physical disabilities.

Wheelchair Accessible

Developed for riders with mobility restraints, the Trident motorcycle is built for all riders – including those with physical disabilities.


The design services wheelchair users, amputees, those with prosthetics, as well as those with musculoskeletal issues which prevent them from riding a standard motorcycle.

The Trident Motorcycle

Transforming to fit your needs

The ultimate experience

Conquer the roads with 210-hp of adrenaline

Quality, fit, and finish customized to each rider

All Trident motorcycles are custom-built for your needs. The quality, fit, and finish are second to none. Our bikes meet and exceed ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Custom-built for your needs

During your ordering, several consultations inform us about your needs and design requirements. Measurements, or other details, are required to get the perfect fit. It is our attention to detail which sets the Trident Motorcycle apart.

Trident Motorcycle™ has been designed to accommodate all rider types, including riders with disabilities or those requiring wheelchair accessibility.

Trident Rider Profiles

Who uses Trident Motorcycles? The bike has been designed to service multiple rider types:

  1. Wheelchair users
  2. Amputees who do not use wheelchair
  3. Individuals with back injuries, or with restricted mobility
  4. Enthusiasts

  • Trident Rider Profiles
  • Limited Mobility

    Riders who use a wheelchair, or have mobility limitations (amputee, muscle injury, etc.) will find easy-to-use handlebar controls, and easy wheelchair access into the Trident.

    The Trident Motorcycle uses a powered electric swing-arm assembly to open/close the rear entry for riders in wheelchairs.

  • Limited Mobility
  • Full Mobility Riders

    For riders that do not require wheelchair access, the Trident Motorcycle is customized with a bucket seat riding enclosure.

    This configuration is also applicable to those with back injuries, or other constraints that would prevent them from riding a traditional motorcycle.

  • Full Mobility Riders
    • Engine Specifications

      • VTEC 1.8 liter
      • Compression Ratio 10.5:1
      • 210 HP @ 5800 rpm @ 7.1 psi
      • Engine turbo charged. Turbo is adjustable from cockpit.
      • Turbo pressure can be adjusted from 5psi to 30 psi
      • Transmission automatic 5-speed
      • added cooling system and oil reservoir
      • Bikes weight with chair and rider 1250 Lbs.
      • Top speed 145 mph

      Safety Features

      • Front wheel drive create stable platform.
      • Aggressive stopping capabilities.
      • Paddle-controlled 5-speed automatic transmission.
      • Transmissions have added filter and cooling system
      • Mutable latch points to secure wheelchair and driver.
      • Frame 3404 chrome moly tubing
      • Hydrogen model available
      • Swing away rear tire stays within parking lane during extension

      Wheelchair Operation

      Fully-powered kneel assembly for riders with limited mobility

      Entry into bike, Trident motorcycle has a rear entry for the wheelchair user. Motorcycle has an adjustable suspension allowing the bike to kneel down to ground and swing the rear section of the bike out of the way so the wheelchair can move into the bike with eases. The Trident wheelchair motorcycle is a transforming bike which conforms to the users’ needs.

      Trident Motorcycle Models

      Trident Model C


      1. Bucket Seat

      The Trident Model C includes a bucket seat for full-mobility riders, offering the ultimate experience for motorcycle riders.

      2. Electric Model

      With an available electric model available, you can take to the roads with zero emissions.

      Limited Mobility Model


      The transformative design services wheelchair users, amputees, those with prosthetics, as well as those with musculoskeletal issues which prevent them from riding a standard motorcycle.

      The frame design tightly constrains the wheelchair, which helps protect the rider. Multiple retaining points are used to hold the wheelchair and rider, which creates failsafe redundancy. Each motorcycle can be customized to best fit the rider and their wheelchair.

      1. Wheelchair Access

      Featuring a swing-away entry, the Trident Limited-Mobility models offers all riders the opportunity to take to the roads.

      2. Powered Gate Entry

      Featuring a powered gate entry, wheelchair users can easily enter and exit the Trident motorcycle with minimal effort required.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand the Trident Motorcycle works

      1. Service & Support

      To make service easy and available we selected Honda drive components due to their durability and wide area support dealerships. Any Honda car dealership or service group which works on Honda can service the bike. All trident bikes come with technical repair manuals and full service manuals on line for part replacement and technical support. We also service our bikes at our facility as we love bikes and the people who ride them.

      2. Manufacturing Process & Earth Stewardship

      The Trident cycle uses earth stewardship design principles which incorporates reuses products, helping the environment and makes our bike go fast all in one. Our earth stewardship design principles can be seen in our models which are low or No pollution motorcycle. We have multi fuel bikes which are Gas, CNG, or hydrogen. They come as either internal combustion engine or electric. Currently the electric bike is going through design development which plans to use fuel cell technology to increase the travel area of bike and reduce pollution. We work to reduce pollution in other areas other than the operation of the bike. As we manufactory motorcycles we look for ways to reduce pollution in processing and improved recycling or reduction in waste streams.

      3. Purchasing Information

      How do you buy a trident motor cycle? We sell the Trident direct to a buyer on line. Or we have a donation model of purchase for those who do not have the wherewithal to buy the bike out right. You can set up a donation page at our site, your friends / family and acquaintances can donate to get the bike built. Everyone who donates will have their name placed on a plaque which will be attached to the bike as a remembrance of their support. This same model can be used by corporate sponsors to help vets and others who need our support.

      4. Growth & Expansion

      The company will continue to expand the donation finances model which people will donate funds to a bike or individual. The donators will have their name placed on a plaque which will be placed on the bike. The company is instating a program to hire vets who are injured as the labor force for manufacturing the bikes. The company will train the handicap vets in all aspects of the operation. Some of the profits will be used to gift bikes to organization and individuals who need support. Other forms of promotion such as raffles’ sales, which supports Trident motorcycle, will be used. Promotion such as racing the bikes with different class of drivers “wheel chair, non-wheelchair, amputee and non-injured models would be used. This makes everyone on the racetrack equal creating a true group of champions. Traditional sales using AMA and other like kind organization will be used along with traditional multi media.

      Contact Us

      To request information or learn more about Trident Motorcycles, please send us a message.